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All the tools you need to Run your business in the field

Admin Tools

You can optimize routes, schedule, add customers, complete jobs, accept payments, and do everything you need to do in an office out in the field on your phone or tablet.

Area Management - iPad Mockup.png

See Your Schedule

With our iOS and Android field app, technicians will see the appointments scheduled for them for the day in list and map form.

Capture Weather

Technicians can capture the current weather conditions from the nearest weather station and have it show up on the customer's invoice.


Enter Product Usage

Easily record product usage using job templates, including pulling in what you recorded on the last job. Product usage will show on service records and usage reports so you will be compliant with state regulations and help you track product usage per technician.

Enter Notes

Enter both invoice and customer account notes while completing a job. Invoice notes will be visible to the customer and permanent notes will only be visible internally on the customer's account.

Tech app mockup notes screen.png
Tech app mockup line item.png

Add Line Items

If you provide services outside what was originally scheduled, you can add line items to the invoice/service record so you can keep track of all of the extra work you do on site.

Accept Payments

Accept and record Card, ACH, Cash, and Check payments at the time of service. If the customer doesn't have a card on file or their existing card is expired, you can add a new card to their account to be used on the current job as well as future jobs.

Tech app mockup add credit card.png
Tech app mockup job completed.png

Send Invoices

Once you mark the job as complete, Pocomos will automatically send your customer a job completion email with the attached invoice/service record. Chemical usage will also be recorded in usage reports.

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