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Follow Your Customer's Journey Through Pocomos

Pocomos is an end-to-end software that will handle the customer experience from start to finish.

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Customer Signs up Online

Your customer finds your website or landing page. They scroll through your site and they like what they see, so they fill out your sign-up form. They enter their contact and payment info, pick a sign-up date, and hit submit. You get an alert in Pocomos that a new customer signed up and you see all of their information is already in Pocomos.


Schedule Your Customer

Now that your new customer is in the system, you schedule them for a specific time using our routing and scheduling tools to find the best fit for them. You then easily optimize all of your routes using our Google Maps integration.

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Remind Your Customer

You customer then gets an automatic email and text appointment reminder so they know when you are visiting their property. Pocomos will do all of this in the background for you. Customers can be notified of just the service date, the service date and a time window, or the service date and a specific time.


Bill Your Customer

Your tech sees the new appointment on his or her phone or tablet. They show up, complete the service, and mark the job complete. Your technician doesn't need to grab any payment information, because the customer already filled that out on your site. The tech can manually charge the card on file or have Pocomos do it automatically for you.

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Your Customer is Late on Payments

In the future, your customer's card expires or they get a new one, so they are late making a payment. Pocomos automatically sends payment reminders by text and email and provides a link through which your customer quickly and easily pays their bill and puts a new card on file.

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Your Customer Leaves a Review

Once your customer has received service from you, Pocomos sends an automatic review request either through an automated email or text you set up or through our integrated partners (Opiniion and BirdEye), which will help you land even more new customers as you rise in the Google ranks.

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Your Customer Gets Scheduled Again

After your customer has signed up, been scheduled, received service, paid, and left you a review, you are ready to do it all over again. Pocomos will show you all of your upcoming jobs on a map or in a job pool so you can easily schedule your customers and keep the process alive.

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