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On Improvements


“Just wanted to say thanks for all you and Lance have done for us over the past year. The improvements that have rolled out are awesome - I can't believe how quickly Pocomos has improved since I signed on. I've also never had, or expected to have, a personal relationship with a software vendor, but I'm glad I have one now. You've set a high bar for the other vendors we work with that I don't think will be topped.”

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On Ease-of-Use

  • “and btw you guys are really amazing - I am SO HAPPY with this program - incredible that I am able to chat in real time and get this all done. :) :). it is going to be and already is amazing - my life is already a million times easier than it was with [our previous software] (what a dinosaur program...)”

  • “thank you--- looks like I did it right without knowing for sure-- that is how easy your system is compared to [our previous software]."

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On Communication


  • “I think it’s a testament to the reason we all LEFT [our previous software]. The communications were horrendous. I literally got 4 emails from David Tribe over the course of two days simply updating me as to what they were doing. ‘We have received, we are processing, we are transferring, we are done.’ It doesn’t take much to be good at communicating.”

  • “BTW, on our bi-weekly call yesterday, Owners mentioned your name and every single person said how helpful and great you are. This happened right after 15 minutes of complaints about other people. Keep rocking it. Dave! We're grateful.”

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